An Unceasing Light of Prophet Love : Rezaul Karim - Gulzar-E Sirikot 2022


An Unceasing Light of Prophet Love 

In the Changing process of diumal rotation and annual rotation of the earth, the transformation of moment, epoch making eddy revolution and to gbrity the fondness of prophet in the hearts of prophet lovers the Rabiul Aual has come to us. That first feeling of the coming of Mohammad (s.m.) still oscillates our hearts. So, in this glorious moment like Nazrul we recite.

The dearest Mohammad (s.m.) of the three ages has come to the earth come and see the sea. Sky and air if you want to see" Infact, the founder of this high tide of Prophet love (Jashne Julus) in this Bangladesh is Hazart Tiob Shay (r.) in 1974. So, I other the name of this great saint with respect. I can say undoubtedly that Jashne Julus is the biggest best Eid for those whose Hearts are filled with the fondness of Mohammad (s.m.). As they consider that this Eid is the source of all therest Eids and the best gift of Allah on us. The lovers receive it as the estables of their soul and why will not they do it! Where Allah declares. Undoubtedly Allah token pity on believers by bending Prophet. (sm.) [quran] He also says If i did not creat you. Would not creat the whole universe [Hadith-gd Kudsi] And the rally of Jashne Julus is the order of Allah. Custom of great saints, and the reflection of love (Hubibe Mostafa) in the soul of Prophet lovers. From the beginning of Robiul Aual Prophet lovers love is increased day by day and they hold it until the death.

I do not want to make any impatience of my readers to write soon but i will say only that come and make great unity in same platform among us with teaching of Julus so that we can transmit the slogans of Naraye Takbir' and Na raye Resalat' from the society of the parliament as well as to the whole world. And I belief that this Julus/unity will help us to enlight the whole world with the unceasing light of the fondness of prophet (s.m.).

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