Prophetic Miracles (Mujizah) : Kitab Al-Aqaid Author Sadrul Afazil Shaykh Sayyid Nayimuddin Muradabadi

Prophetic Miracles (Mujizah)

Things that are commonly deemed impossible, things that defy the laws (17) of nature are known as prophetic miracles [mujizah]. For example, bringing the dead back to life, splitting the moon into two, making fountains of clear and pure water spring from one's fingers etc.

If such supernatural events occur which support a person who claims to be a prophet, then such events are known as mujizah. Many such miracles have occurred at the hands of [true] Prophets عليهم السلام - and these miracles are a proof of their prophethood.

Men will believe in the truth of that prophet upon seeing such miracles as these are signs of the veracity of their claim; signs given to them by the Lord Almighty. The miracles perplex the mind and cause amazement and wonder - the mind is incapable of understanding how such a thing could happen. Even if an obstinate disbeliever refuses to acknowledge or believe in the prophet, many others with a sound mind will accept (18) and bear faith. 

A false claimant to prophethood will never be able to display such a miracle; and that which occurs will certainly not support his claim (19).

The miracles of our Prophet ﷺ are numerous. The Ascension [miyraj] is one of his famous miracles. Our Master ﷺ, went to Jerusalem and led all the prophets عليهم السلام in a congregational prayer; and from there, he ascended to the heavens and this entire journey occurred in a very short span of time in the night.

He ﷺ was given the loftiest station of closeness [qurb] 20 to Allah ﷻ, that no other human or an angel, nor any prophet, nor messenger was ever granted. Our Master ﷺ was granted Divine Vision of Allah - that is, Rasul Allah ﷺ saw Allah ﷻ with his waking eyes and heard the Divine Speech of Allah ﷻ. He ﷺ was shown the entire universe, the heavens, and the earth; and was shown Paradise and Hell.

He ﷺ saw caravans on his journey from Makkah to Jerusalem and he described details about these caravans, the next morning [in Makkah]" (21).

(17) Laws we are familiar with and observed to be so by common agreement.

(18) They will accept that such an action that contravenes laws of nature would not have been possible, if this claimant to prophethood was not true. Alloh taala ﷻ has allowed this to happen, as a sign that His prophet is indeed truthful.

(19) If the false-prophet claims for instance, that it will rain the next day - it would certainly not rain that day.

(20) This 'closeness' is a figurative closeness and not physical proximity; because, Allah taala ﷻ is transcendent from distance and direction.

(21) The disbelievers of Makkah found it incredible that one could travel to Jerusalem and come back in a short period of the previous night and asked for proof. Rasul Alloh ﷺ said that he saw caravans of such-and-such description. True enough, the caravans matching that description arrived and our Master was vindicated.

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