Student Life/The Duties of a Student, Physical Exercise, Value of Time, Discipline, Drug Abuse Essay/ Composition for Class 9/10 of School & Madrasah

  1. Student Life/The Duties of a Student
  2. Physical Exercise
  3. Value of Time
  4. Discipline
  5. Drug Abuse

Composition / Essay  লেখার সহজ Tips:
  • প্রথমেই শিরোনাম বা Title লিখতে হবে।
  • Composition এর সম্ভাব্য Word সংখ্যা হবে 250।
  • Composition এর মূলত ৩টি অংশ থাকে : Introduction, body  এবং conclusion।
  • যে বিষয়ের উপর Composition লেখা হয় তার মূলভাব সংক্ষিপ্তভাবে Introduction অংশে লিখতে হবে।
  • বিষয়বস্তুর বিস্তারিত বর্ণনা ধারাবাহিকভাবে প্যারা আকারে body অংশে উপস্থাপন করতে হবে।
  • Conclusion অংশে সম্পূর্ণ বিষয়বস্তুর উপর সমাপ্তিসূচক বক্তব্য লিখতে হবে।

Student Life/The Duties of a Student

There are different stages of human life. Student life is one of them. This time is spent for earning knowledge and education. In this period, students prepare themselves for future stages of life. So, student life is called the seed time of future life. Besides study, students have some extra-curricular and social activities.

The first and foremost duty of students is to study. Leaving study, students should not engage in other activities. At first, they must complete their class syllabus. Extra class work in everyday routine should be done regularly. For this, they have to be punctual , well-disciplined and devoted to study. Next, they can read other books like novel, poetry, essay, short story and newspapers for extra knowledge.

Proper use of time is essential for students. If they waste time, they will not be able to reach their goal. They must know that success depends on the proper use of time. They should realize that lost time can never be regained. Even, they should spend their leisure time in a fruitful way.

After keeping their study well, students may indulge in other extra-curricular and social activities. They should participate in games and sports. Physical exercise is necessary for them. Without a good health, their education might be a failure. They should come forward to help the affected people during flood, cyclone, etc. They also can literate the illiterate people.

Students should have their aims. They will be the leaders of their nation in future and run their country. So, they should prepare themselves well so that their nation can be benefited by them.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise means the regular movement of the limbs of our body for blood circulation and activeness of body and mind. To keep our body and mind fit, physical exercise is obviously required. A tool made of iron is spoilt by rust if we do not use it for a long time. In the similar way, a body without necessary movement becomes weak. Diseases can easily attack an idle man. Indeed, it is natural that life is not static rather dynamic.

There are many kinds of physical exercise. Walking, swimming, running etc. are good forms of exercise. Walking is suitable for the men of all ages but swimming is appropriate for tender-age. All games and sports are good physical exercises. Football, Cricket, Ha-du-du, Kanamachi are some games which are really good as physical exercise. Gymnastics are also great exercise but not suitable for all. Meditation is also a kind of exercise. 

Healthy people are required for the development of a country. A jolly mind takes shelter in healthy body. And to keep good health physical exercise is essential. So, directly or indirectly physical exercise helps develop a resourceful nation. Health is not a gift of chance. We have to acquire it. Here lies the importance of physical exercise.

We have to follow the rules of exercise. Punctuality and regularity are the prerequisite of physical exercise. Irregular exercise or over exercise may have negative impacts on health. We should be careful about taking food. Without balanced diet, physical exercise may not work. It is unwise to take exercise with an empty stomach. So we, all should take physical exercise to enjoy a sound health.

Value of Time

The value of time is limitless and it cannot be measured. Human life is short but he has to do a lot of work within the short span of time. There is no alternative to make our life successful without the proper use of time.

There is a proverb –“Time and Tide wait for none”. Lost money, wealth or health may be regained. But lost time can never be found again. If any work is not finished in time it may not be finished at all. As time is fleeting, every work must be done in time. 

We should make a proper division of our time and do our duties properly. Only then we will be able to be successful in every stage of our life. No great work can be done without a strong sense of time. History teaches us that all the great persons led their lives to top of success making the best use of time.

Misuse of time is a great crime. It makes a man’s life barren like a desert and also gossiping, speaking, ill of others, useless work and watching vulgar films. Many of us say that they have no time for doing everything in this short time. Thus, many cheat themselves and they can do nothing but repent in the long run.

The children should learn the value of time from their childhood. This sense will make them punctual. The punctual can read, write, work, pray, play, tour and do other thing timely and properly. In fact, they not only do their duties properly but also enjoy themselves sufficiently. Because they never put off any work for tomorrow.

God has sent us to this beautiful earth as the best creation to do all kinds of good deeds. And anything good can be achieved only through making the best use of time. So, we should spend every moment in useful works. Only then we will be able to make our life valuable, glorious and to reach our goal. 


Discipline means obedience to certain rules and regulations which are essential for the maintenance of law, order, justice and punishment. Man lives in a society. He is to live with others and obey discipline for maintaining peace in the society. 

Everything within the universe is conducted by discipline. Breach of discipline brings downfall. If every man does as he likes, there will be chaos in the society. So, the importance of discipline is very great. We should follow discipline to be successful in the battle of life.

Discipline is very essential in the army. Everyone in the army has to lead a disciplined life. A small group of military is more capable to win a battle than a large group of military which suffers from lack of discipline.

Discipline is necessary in student life. By learning discipline, a student can be a successful citizen in future. The student who learn discipline from their early life can tackle any problem in his future life. 

The institution that follows discipline runs well. But it fails when it is without discipline. A good institution follows rules and regulations strictly. 

The planets move in discipline. As a result, there is no possibility of clash and conflict among them. Thus discipline can be learnt from the disciplined movement of the planets. 
Discipline brings success for one who follows it. The great men of the world followed discipline strictly. They never did anything against rules and regulations. We should follow their life style to be successful in life.

Discipline is development. Discipline draws a sharp line of distinction between men and beasts. So, we should be careful of the importance of discipline in our life. 

Drug Abuse

Drug addiction means strong attraction for drugs. It is a global problem. At present it has become a burning question in our country. It is found in rural and urban areas.

Frustration is the main cause of drug addiction. Failure in love, unemployment, political unrest, social unrest, family conflict, lack of family ties, lack of love and affection etc. are greatly responsible for it. 

Mainly the young boys and girls are the victims of drug addiction. Drug addiction has harmful effect on the mind and body of the addicts. Drug kills human beings slowly but surely. It destroys physically, mentally and morally. It gradually leads men to death.

Drug addiction causes cancer, heart disease, and other respiratory diseases. It damages the nerve system of the body and brain. So, the addicts cannot lead a normal life. They lose appetite for food and cannot sleep.

To manage the money, the addicts commit social crimes like stealing, hijacking, looting, killing, robbery, etc. It is high time to take proper steps to control drug addiction. The causes of frustration should be removed. According to the law, drug business is a punishable offence. The highest punishment is death. Now the law must be enforced strictly. 

The young boys and girls should be made aware of the evils of drugs. Public awareness should be raised against this addiction. Mass media can play an important role in this regard. The parents should take proper care of their children. Children must be treated with love and affection. Moral teaching should be given to them. The government as well as the conscious people should work together to get rid of this curse of drug addiction. Otherwise, as a nation we will fall into a great danger.

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