Prize Giving Ceremony of Our School / Sports Day. The Season I like Most/The Spring in Bangladesh. Rainy Season. Floods in Bangladesh. The Rivers of Bangladesh. Essay/ Composition for Class 9/10 of School & Madrasah

  1. Prize Giving Ceremony of Our School / Sports Day.
  2. The Season I like Most/The Spring in Bangladesh.
  3. Rainy Season.
  4. Floods in Bangladesh.
  5. The Rivers of Bangladesh.

        Composition / Essay  লেখার সহজ Tips:
        • প্রথমেই শিরোনাম বা Title লিখতে হবে।
        • Composition এর সম্ভাব্য Word সংখ্যা হবে 250।
        • Composition এর মূলত ৩টি অংশ থাকে : Introduction, body  এবং conclusion।
        • যে বিষয়ের উপর Composition লেখা হয় তার মূলভাব সংক্ষিপ্তভাবে Introduction অংশে লিখতে হবে।
        • বিষয়বস্তুর বিস্তারিত বর্ণনা ধারাবাহিকভাবে প্যারা আকারে body অংশে উপস্থাপন করতে হবে।
        • Conclusion অংশে সম্পূর্ণ বিষয়বস্তুর উপর সমাপ্তিসূচক বক্তব্য লিখতে হবে।

        Prize Giving Ceremony of Our School/Sports Day

        The prize giving ceremony of a school is always interesting. Students wait eagerly for this ceremony. It is often held on annual sports day of a school. Prizes are given among the winners as well as the students who have good records and good result. Teachers and staffs are also found to receive presents on this day. 

        The name of our school is Joypur Sorojine High School. The last prize giving ceremony of our school was very thrilling. It was held in our school campus a few days ago. Our school was well decorated before the day of ceremony. A large stage was built at the south corner of our school field. The chief guest was the DC of our district. Our teachers, guardians and leading people of our locality attended the ceremony. With the recitation from the holy Quran, the function started at 10 a.m. Then we sang our national anthem together. At first, our Headmaster delivered his speech highlighting the annual report of the school. Then the chief guest delivered his valuable speech which was full of moral lessons and suggestions. 

        Most of the sports events were done on the previous day. Some attractive events such as 100 meter race, high and long jump and pillow changing were left for the day of the ceremony. After completing these events, the prize distribution was started. The honourable chief guest delivered a short speech thanking the winners and consoling the others. Then he gave away prizes among the winners. Our sports teacher helped him in this regard. My joys knew no bounds when I received my prizes from the DC’s hand. I was called three times for prizes. The audience clapped loudly each time the winners were receiving their prizes. 

        The prize giving ceremony came to an end at 5 p.m. After that a cultural programme was held for entertainment. The annual prize giving ceremony of my school was really exciting. It is one of the most memorable events in my life.

        The Season I like Most/The Spring in Bangladesh

        Bangladesh is called the country of six seasons. Every season appears before us with the beauty and blessings of nature. I like all the seasons but spring is my most favourite season. Of all seasons, spring is the most charming and delightful. It is called the queen of all seasons. Moreover, spring has no terrible look. Many writers and poets have enriched their writing with the influence of spring.

        There is hardly anybody who does not love spring. The hot rays of summer sun are unbearable. All feel uncomfortable in the hot weather of summer. Heavy sweat comes out from our body. Nobody can work hard. Tanks, ponds, and rivers dry up and people suffer much for this. The sky of the rainy seasons always remains cloudy. It rains all time. Roads become muddy. Lightings and thunderbolt frighten people. Sometimes flood occurs. Poor people cannot go for work and suffer from various problems.

        Though autumn is a lovely season, it cannot be compared to spring. Autumn cannot provide with all the facilities that spring can. Late autumn is a sweet season but not sweeter than spring. After autumn comes winter. People suffer from dense fog and biting cold. Nature looks gloomy and dismal. Leafless trees, flowerless garden and sun-less sky make the people cheerless.

        Finally spring comes with all its beauties and blessings. Spring is temperate. It is neither cool nor hot. New leaves grow in trees. Nature becomes green and fresh. A gentle breeze blows. Birds sing merrily. Gardens have a lot of flowers. The fragrance of flowers comes and soothes us. The sky is clear. The sun is bright. There is life everywhere. The sky at night is full of innumerous stars.

        In spring morning, walking is highly soothing. People feel comfortable in their workplaces. Peace and happiness remain in their minds. My mind dances with joy to see the beauties of nature in spring. I cannot but love spring.

        Rainy Season

        There are six seasons in Bangladesh. I like all the seasons. But I like rainy season most. Rainy season is my favorite season and perhaps it is favorite to all. Rainy season comes to us with many pleasant things- and beautiful scence and sounds.

        The rainy season is the second season of the year. It comes after summer. It is made up of Ashar and Sraban. In fact rain sets in our country in the middle of June and lasts up to the middle of September.

        People welcome the rainy season heartily. The season brings heavy rainfall. The sky becomes cloudy. Sometimes we do not see the sun for days together. Sometimes it rains cats and dogs. Canals and tanks are filled with rain water. 

        The season cools and refreshes all. A journey by boat is very interesting in this season. The roads become muddy and slippery. The rain washes out dirt. It makes our country ever green. It is also a season of fruits. Mango, black-berry, jack fruit, lichies etc. have buds on them.

        The rainy season is very useful to us. Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. Our agriculture mainly depends on this season. Green leaves grow in trees. The cultivation of our country makes the paddy fields ready. Jute plants grow rapidly.
        The rainy season is the most important and useful season in our country.  It is the best of all the season in Bangladesh. We always welcome this season and enjoy its beauty.

        Floods in Bangladesh

        Flood is one of the most common natural calamities in Bangladesh. In the rainy season, sometimes heavy rainfall overflows the bank of river and submerges many low lying area of Bangladesh. This is called flood. Again, water from the upstream may cause flood. It occurs almost every year in Bangladesh. It causes great havocs to millions of people.

        Though floods occur every year in Bangladesh, sometimes it takes terrible shape. The recent serious floods occurred in 1985, 1988, 1991, 1996 and 1999. These terrible floods affected millions of people and engulfed most areas of the country and the miseries of the people knew no bounds. 

        The damages caused by flood are beyond description. It destroys crops, houses and many other valuable things. Cattle die because they do not get food. They lose their shed during flood. People suffer very much. Railway lines and roads go under water. Transportation system is hampered seriously. The most dangerous things are different kinds of diseases which attack the affected people. Diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid, and dysentery are the main diseases during flood. Sometimes, mass death occurs for these diseases.

        Flood has one good effect. It makes soil fertile by supplying alluvial soil. Crops grow in plenty next year after the flood. Another good side of flood is volunteer services of the students and many charitable organizations. The members of the organizations collect foods, cloths, medicine and distribute them among the affected people.

        It is time we took preventive steps to reduce the loss of flood. More and more shelters for the affected people should be built. The concerned authority should develop better system of irrigation, transportation and embankments to control flood.

        The Rivers of Bangladesh

        Bangladesh is called the country of rivers. So many rivers spread over Bangladesh like the nets. The main rivers are the Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna and the Brahmaputra. Besides these, there are a lot of small rivers throughout the country.
        The rivers of Bangladesh are blessings of nature. They are the greatest source of wealth. The economy of Bangladesh is connected with her river system. As Bangladesh is an agricultural country, her agricultural prosperity largely depends on the rivers. These rivers have made her soil fertile by providing silt during flood. The rivers play a great role in transportation system. Boats, launch, steamers, and ferries carry goods and passengers and keep contributions to transportation.

        Rivers have great contribution to trade and business. Most of the big cities of our country are on the bank of the rivers. Many important river ports have been constructed on the bank of the rivers. Our capital city Dhaka stands on the Burigonga. Many mills and factories are also on the rivers and the products can easily be transported to various places and markets through the rivers.  

        Fishes abound in the rivers of Bangladesh. The fishermen catch fish and sell them in the market. A large quantity of fish is exported to foreign countries every year. It contributes to earn much foreign currency.

        The rivers have great influence on man. They inspire our poets, writers and artists. Many writers of Bangladesh have composed poems, articles, essays and prose on it. Our mind moves with unlimited joy when we see the natural beauties of the sides of the rivers. The boats as well as the different kinds of water vehicles largely charm us. 

        Rivers have some negative aspects too. Sometimes they cause serious floods which damage agricultural crops, wash away houses, cattle and properties. Sometimes, launches sink into the rivers and many passengers die unfortunately. Apart from these, rivers are blessings for us.


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