Paragraph: A Tea Stall, Traffic Jam, A School Magazine, Tree Plantation, The Life of a Farmer, Bad Effects of Smoking, A Winter Morning, A Rainy Day, The Life of a Street Hawker Or A Street Hawker, My Visit to a Book Fair, Deforestation, Environmental Pollution, My Last Day at School, Early Rising, Your Aim in Life/Future Plan for Class 9 & Class 10


  1. A Tea Stall
  2. Traffic Jam
  3. A School Magazine
  4. Tree Plantation
  5. The Life of a Farmer
  6. Bad Effects of Smoking
  7. A Winter Morning
  8. A Rainy Day
  9. The Life of a Street Hawker Or A Street Hawker
  10. My Visit to a Book Fair
  11. Deforestation
  12. Environmental Pollution
  13. My Last Day at School
  14. Early Rising
  15. Your Aim in Life/Future Plan
Paragraph (প্যারাগ্রাফ) লেখার সহজ টিপস :
  • প্রদত্ত প্রশ্নগুলোর আলোকে Paragraph লিখতে হবে।
  • প্রশ্নগুলোর উত্তর একটি একটি করে না দিয়ে বরং এমন ভাবে লিখতে হবে যাতে পুরো Paragraph জুড়ে প্রশ্নগুলোর উত্তর শ্রুতিমধুরভাবে থাকে।
  • প্রয়োজনে প্রশ্নের বাইরেও তথ্য দেওয়া যেতে পারে।
  • পুরো Paragraph একটি প্যারায় লিখতে হবে।
  • বোর্ডের প্রশ্নে 100 বা 250 words-এ Paragraph লিখতে বলা হয়।

1. Write a paragraph on 'A Tea Stall'.

A Tea Stall

A tea stall is a small shop. Tea is mainly sold here for the passers-by. It is a common place to all classes of people. It is usually found at the turn of the road, bus stands, railway stations, bazars or even beside offices where the common people are available. It opens early in the morning and closes at late night. Biscuits, bread, bananas, betel leaf and different kinds of handmade snacks are also available there. A tea stall is furnished with some benches and tables. A boy is employed in a tea stall to serve the people. The manager generally sits beside the cash box inside his tea stall. He receives money from the customers. He also looks after the overall management of it. People who come to a tea stall usually do not leave it immediately after taking a cup of tea. People refresh themselves with a cup of tea in a tea stall. A tea stall is also a place where social disputes are discussed. They mainly talk about politics and current affairs. This is why it is called a Mini Sangsad. Infect, a tea stall is nowadays an important place of social gathering and at the same time a place of charm for the common people. So, a tea stall occupies an important place in our day-to-day life.

2. Write a paragraph on 'Traffic Jam'.

Traffic Jam

Traffic jam means blockade of vehicles. It is one of the major problems of modern time. It is mainly happened in urban areas. There are a lot of reasons behind traffic jam. This problem is created by the rapid growth of population and the increasing number of vehicles. The roads of our country are very narrow. There are many unlicensed vehicles in our country. The drivers are not willing to obey traffic rules. They want to drive according to their freedom. As a result, traffic jam is created. Traffic jam is very harmful for our life. During traffic jam, life stands still. It is really unbearable and miserable. It kills our valuable time and our works are hampered widely. It causes great sufferings to the ambulance carrying dying patients and the fire brigade vehicles. However, this problem can be solved by taking some steps. We should obey the traffic rule. Our government should construct spacious  roads. One way movement of vehicles should be introduced. Traffic rules should be imposed strictly so that the drivers are bound to obey traffic rules. Sufficient traffic police should be posted on important points. Finally unlicensed vehicles should be removed. By doing the above things, we can be free from traffic jam.

3. Write a paragraph on 'A School Magazine'.

A School Magazine

A school magazine is an annual publication of a school. It is usually published once a year. Students and teachers write to it. It contains the literary works or other information of a school. It also contains quizzes, poems, short-stories etc. Some teachers and students work for it. The committee is formed among them. The editor invites writings. Then the best writings are selected for publishing. Mainly students and teachers bear the expenditure for the publication of the magazine. A fund is formed named 'magazine fund' for this. A school magazine has great importance in school life. A student can express his latent talent through it Students can know about their school. They can also enrich  their knowledge. Every school should publish a school magazine. It is a part and parcel of school life.

4. Write a paragraph on 'Tree Plantation'.

Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation means planting seedlings in an organized way. The importance of tree plantation cannot be ignored any more. Through tree plantation our environment remains balanced properly. Natural calamities cannot occur unexpectedly. Our demand of food is met up. Oxygen is properly balanced in air. The most important thing is that ecological balance remains fit for the betterment of the maintenance of humans, animals and plants as well. If trees are not planted, we cannot get food, oxygen and different kinds of needful elements. So, there is a close relationship in between trees and humans. If there had been no trees, the environment would have lost balance. Floods and drought may occur repeatedly. Lands would turn into desert place. The rainy season is the best time for plantation of trees. We can plant trees in the lands which are uncultivable. Road-side, road-divider, rooftop etc. can also be used to plant trees. We should take some effective measures to grow them well. We should take care of them properly so that the animals or other concerns cannot damage them. We can get available trees from any nursery or Govt. agriculture department. We can take several actions to make tree plantation successful. We can take part in tree plantation campaign. The campaign may be held in schools, colleges, universities or in any other populated places. We may also arrange tree fair in the rainy season. We should make the people conscious about deforestation. Government and NGOs can play an important role here. We should make the tree plantation programme successful for a better future.

5. Write a paragraph on 'The Life of a Farmer'.

The Life of a Farmer

A person who does the work of farming is known as a farmer. A farmer is a common figure in our country. He has a little land, a pair of bullocks and some hand-made tools. Most of the farmers of our country have no land. They cultivate other lands. A farmer generally gets up early in the morning and goes to his land. He ploughs his land, sows the seeds and weeds out. He comes home at noon. Then he eats his meals, takes rest and again goes to the field. He works hard in the field from morning till evening. He gets little crops. He does not know how to plough his land scientifically. He cannot buy seeds and fertilizer for lack of money. As a result, he cannot produce more food for himself. He has both pleasures and pains. If he gets a good harvest, his face looks happy. On the other hand, if crops are not grown well, his suffering knows no bounds. Actually, the life of a farmer is very miserable. Sorrows and sufferings are his constant companions. He does not know what is joy and happiness. He leads a very simple life. But he is an asset of our country. He grows crops for country. So, our government should give the farmers financial help or loan.

6. Write a paragraph on 'Bad Effects of Smoking'.

Bad Effects of Smoking

Smoking is a very dangerous habit. It causes many fatal diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, kidney and heart diseases. Cigarettes are made from tobacco leaves. There is a poisonous substance called nicotine in tobacco leaves. When a person smokes cigarettes, this nicotine enters into his lungs with every puff. If anybody smokes cigarettes for years, this deadly nicotine causes lung cancer. Nicotine also obstructs the flow of blood through the veins. This hampers the supply of oxygen in the body. It causes the rise of blood pressure and increases the heart beat. The ultimate result is heart attack. The habit of smoking pollutes our environment. If a smoker smokes before a non-smoker, the non-smoker is affected by the smoke which is harmful to health. So by smoking in the public places, a smoker can cause harm to the environment and also to the non-smokers. A smoker spends a lot of money for buying cigarettes. When young people are addicted to smoking, they adopt unfair ways to manage the money for buying cigarettes. We all should be conscious of the harmful consequences of smoking. We should keep ourselves away from this habit.

7. Write a paragraph on 'A Winter Morning'.

A Winter Morning

A winter morning is misty and cold. There is dense fog everywhere. Everything looks hazy. Sometimes the fog is so dense that the sun rays can not get through it. Even things at a little distance can hardly be seen. The tall trees are covered with fog and they cannot be made out. Dew-drops fall at night. When the morning sun peeps they look like glittering gold on grass and plants. The birds feel happy to see the rays of the sun. The cow and other animals can not come out. But it is not so in every morning. Farmers go to the field with ‘hooka’ in their hands. Village children and the poor people gather straw and make fires to warm themselves. The old people and the poor people bask in the sun. People in general and children get up late. In a winter morning housewives make delicious and sweet cakes, pies of date juice and many other things. The scene of the winter morning vanishes as the day advances. The sun goes up and the fog melts. A winter morning is enjoyable in many respects.

8. Write a paragraph on 'A Rainy Day'.

A Rainy Day

A rainy day is a day when it rains all day long. It may rain heavily or slowly. It seems dull and gloomy. They sky is covered with dark clouds. Clouds fly here and there in the sky. Most of the time, the sky is not seen clearly. People can not go out without umbrella. Water stands on the road. Village roads become muddy and slippery. Sometimes roads go under water. As a result, vehicles cannot run on the road. It brings sufferings to the office going people. Sometimes it may late to reach the office. A rainy day is a curse to the poor people too. They cannot go out from their house to earn livelihood. They have to starve. It also brings sufferings to the school going boys and girls. They cannot go to their educational institutions. Though a few go, they get drenched on the way. As a result, classes are not held. So, it becomes a joyous day to them. A rainy day shakes our mind. It reminds our childhood. Sometimes we become affectionate to remember our childhood.

9. Write a paragraph on 'The Life of a Street Hawker'.

The Life of a Street Hawker Or A Street Hawker

A street hawker is a person who moves from street to street to sell his goods. He is a self-employed person. He is a very familiar figure both in villages and towns. But the number of street hawkers in the towns or cities is increasing day by day. He usually sells all kinds of daily necessaries, foods, clothes, cosmetics, toys etc. He carries his materials on head or in hands and sometimes in a small van. He buys his goods at a cheaper rate and sells them at a good profit. He is a very clever man. He generally wears a strange dress of different colours and makes sound to attract the attention of his customers. Children and women are his main customers. A street hawker may be an illiterate person but he knows his business very well. Generally, he comes to sell his goods when the master or the male person is out of home. He often cheats his customers by giving low quality goods at a high price. Still he is very popular among women and children. He brings things to our doors. Thus he makes the life and buying convenient. But he leads a very inconvenient, difficult and subhuman life in a slum . We should be sensitive and sympathetic towards him.

10. Write a paragraph on 'My Visit to a Book Fair'.

My Visit to a Book Fair

A book fair speaks of an educated and civilized nation. It brings a special enthusiasm, feeling, and pleasure to the enlightened section of the society. It also spreads the message that books are our best friends and they enlarge our vision and make our life more meaningful. Every year many book fairs are held in our country. But the book fair arranged by the 'Bangla Academy' is the biggest and most stately one in Bangladesh. This book fair is called "Ekushey Boimela”, which is held at the premises of Bangla Academy. This book fair creates a scope for the students and other people to buy their choiceable books. The book fair also becomes a meeting place for the book loving people. It is held in a disciplined and organized way. The leading publishers of our country participate in the fair and open their stalls. The fair gives us an opportunity to choose books of any category such as story books, novels, critics, science fictions, text books, dramas, children books, reference books etc. Last year, I visited the fair on 21st February to purchase some newly published books. Whenever I entered the boundary of Bangla Academy, it seemed to me that I entered the world of knowledge. I found there hundred and hundred stalls. All sorts of books were displayed in the stalls. I visited different book stalls and bought some books of different writers. I also bought some earlier published books searching many stalls. I found there some contemporary writers visiting the fair. It was a special attraction to me because I could have a glance of my dream characters. I also took autographs of some writers. The discussion program and cultural function arranged on the premises attracted me to a large extent. However, the arrangement was nice but huge amount of dust in the area of book fair made the visitors uncomfortable. The authority should have considered the problem earlier.

11. Write a paragraph on 'Deforestation'.


Deforestation means cutting down trees indiscriminately from an area. It is a global problem which is haunting the whole world. There are many causes behind this deforestation. Our population is increasing day by day. More people need more timber, wood, fuel, and furniture. So they are cutting down trees to meet up their increasing demand. There are some dishonest people who are cutting down trees in our forests to make money. They are also destroying forests in a large scale to increase the cultivable and residential land. Sometimes they cut down trees and destroy forests in the name of development. In absence of trees and forests, carbon dioxide is increasing worldwide. As a result, there is global warming. The sea level is rising. If this situation continues, the lower parts of the world including Bangladesh may one day go under water. Bangladesh has only 16% forest whereas there should be 25% forest of the total land area. The lack of enough trees and forests will take a heavy revenge on human beings. Various natural disasters will continuously threaten our existence. Flood, cyclone will show their appearance frequently. Even random cutting of trees may one day turn the whole country into desert. So, we all should be sincere to protect trees and take a firm stand against deforestation. Government should introduce strict law and punish the people who are responsible for deforestation. Alternative use of trees should be found out and tree plantation should be inspired and strengthened. Thus we can prevent deforestation and ensure a happy and healthy life.

12. Write a paragraph on 'Environmental Pollution'.

Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution means the contamination of the components of the environment which is harmful to our health and livelihood. Polluting environment harms us in many ways. It causes premature death to millions people. Various chronic and fatal diseases are prevalent due to environmental pollution. In Bangladesh, environment is polluted in many ways. Air is polluted by smoke and fumes of vehicles and industries. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gases are greatly responsible for air pollution. Water is polluted by waste and filth such as chemical fertilizers, insecticides, industrial waste, food waste, human waste and so on. Vehicle horns, industries, primary school teaching, and indiscriminate use of loud speakers cause sound pollution. Dumping of rubbish, various rotten things, and untreated human waste cause serious odor pollution. In this way human beings are causing environmental pollution. Environmental pollution gives rise to ecological imbalance and brings about natural disasters in this world. It causes premature death to millions of people. However, we should take measures to prevent environmental pollution. We should plant more trees and work for afforestation. Government should take initiatives to save our environment. Laws should be made to prevent pollution and their implementation should be ensured. Cutting down trees and hill should be restricted. Besides, government as well as all the conscious people should come forward to develop civic sense to reduce all kinds of pollution. We must remember "pollution and perish; preserve and flourish”. 

13. Write a paragraph on 'My Last Day at School'.

My Last Day at School

The 3rd November 2015, was my last day at school. I was happy and sad—happy at the prospect of joining a college and sad at the thought of leaving my school where I had spent seven years of my life. I reached the school as usual at 9.15 a.m. I had with me only one book, which I had borrowed from the library. All the 10th class students came to school without their satchels. There was no teaching on that day. I went to the library and returned the book. Then I got a ‘No Dues Slip’ signed by the librarian and teachers. I handed it over to the clerk and received my Roll Number slip. I could not solve some problems in Geometry so I went to the Mathematics teacher and got my difficulties solved. I also met my friends. Some of them talked of the coming examination while others talked of their future career. A farewell party was arranged at 5 p.m. The students of the 11th class played the host. The programme consisted of a short variety show and a few speeches. Some students of 11th class sang a humorous ‘quawali’ describing their teachers and their stay in the school. Our Principal gave a brief speech assuring that our memory will remain in the nooks and corners of the school forever. The principal inspired the outgoing students to work hard for success and to be noble citizens of Bangladesh in future. When the function was over, I shook hands with my friends, respectfully bade my teacher’s good-bye and returned home.

14. Write a paragraph on 'Early Rising'.

Early Rising

Early rising is the practice of rising up from bed early in the morning. It is a good habit. It helps us in various ways. An early riser can have enough time to start his day's work. He can have finished a lot of works before others. Work done early in the morning is well done. One can enjoy the beauty of nature in the early morning. Nature smiles in the morning with colorful flowers, green leaves and the chirping of birds. This beauty reminds everybody of the creator. The habit of early rising is such a habit which contributes a lot to the smooth running of our life. An early riser usually wakes up early in the morning when the air is fresh and healthy. The environment around us is free from any kind of pollution. During this time one can inhale the fresh air with high oxygen level. Moreover, a light physical exercise taken in the morning breeze can assure us a healthy body and an energetic approach to our daily work. Thus an early riser can become healthier, wealthier and wiser than an ordinary person. On the other hand later risers cannot finish their work properly. They fail to do their work in time. They usually suffer from lack of confidence. This restrains them from being successful personalities. There is a saying that time and tide waits for none. In fact, only an early riser can make the best use of his time. So, people should build up the habit of early rising for a better life and a better future.

15. Write a paragraph on 'Your Aim in Life/Future Plan'.

Your Aim in Life/Future Plan

Every man has an aim in life. A man without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. A fixed aim helps a man in life. Many men have many minds. Some want to earn money, some want to earn fame, some want to acquire knowledge, some want to be a teacher, some want be a doctor and so on. It depends on the individual taste. Like others, I have an aim in life. My aim in life is to be a doctor. For this, I have to study hard so that I may pass the SSC examination with a great GPA. After passing the SSC examination from science group, I shall get myself admitted into HSC in the same group. After passing HSC examination, I shall get myself admitted into the MBBS course. After passing the MBBS degree, I shall go to my native village and serve the people of my own village. I shall treat medically the poor patients without fees. I know that to serve the humanity is a great virtue. I want to live through the path of virtue.  Most of the people of our village are poor and illiterate. Good doctors are not available in the village. So, they do not get help and advice of a good doctor. They suffer from many diseases and die premature death. So, I have decided to be a doctor and serve them. I shall also try to start a charitable dispensary so that the helpless people may not die without medicine. I think my choice is the best one. I shall be a happy man if I can fulfill my aim in life.


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