Suggestions and Requirement for Effective Resume Writing

Suggestions and Requirement for Effective Resume Writing

Suggestions and Requirement for Effective Resume Writing


1. There is no universal résumé format. There are only guidelines you should follow, and the résumé sample shown is intended for that purpose. 

2. Present your job objective in a manner that relates both to the company and the job description.

3. Final hiring decisions are rarely based upon résumés alone; however, the résumé should be a concise, factual and positive listing of your education, employment history and accomplishments. 

4. Test your résumé for relevancy. The information included in your résumé should either support your job or career objective directly or support your character in general. If you have no definite purpose for including something, leave it out. Effective Resume Writing

5. Be conscious of the continuity of your history. The reader will be looking for reasons to eliminate as many résumés as possible. Résumés with gaps of unaccountable time often reach the circular file.

6. Weigh your choice of words. Select strong action verbs, concrete nouns and positive modifiers for emphasis. Use concise phrases and clauses rather than complete sentences.

7. Try your résumé out on someone who knows you and who will be objective in his or her opinion.

8. Keep a separate list of references and make them available only upon request.

9. Always send a cover letter on matching paper with specific reference to the company's need and your qualifications for the job. A personal letter is always best, so make an effort to get the name and title of the individual making the hiring decision. Effective Resume Writing

10. Remember your résumé is only a door opener. You want a personal interview.


1. Submit your résumé on a paper the reader will remember... paper that looks and feels valuable, just like you, the candidate! The colours white and ivory are always correct, and faddish colours should be avoided.



Answering the following four questions in a fully persuasive way will greatly increase your odds of developing a winning résumé. The questions are the crucial elements of the résumé formula. 

Answering them will not only give you the material you need for building a strong résumé, but will also prepare you for networking and interviewing. Use the sample résumé on the back page as a point of reference. Effective Resume Writing

1. What do you want?

That's your Objective. Don't struggle or agonize over this. Prospective employers want and need a simple, specific answer. Managers and human resources people need to know how to route your résumé. If your objective is too vague, they'll just scrap it. Change your objective for different markets if you have to. It's not a problem with today's word processing technology.

2. Why are you qualified to do it?

That's the Summary or Qualified By Section. Answer succinctly why you're qualified to accomplish your objective. Ask yourself: why they should hire me? (You'll need to get ready for that one at the interview anyway!) Summarize the answer in easy-to-read bullet points. 

These points become your Summary or Qualified By section (call it either). This section should satisfy your audience that the rest of your résumé is worth reading, bringing them to the next question. 

3. Where have you done it?

That's the Experience Section. The reader needs to relate to the experience you've had. Identify the company in its most relevant light. If it's not a recognizable company, write a line about its high points. 

Build it up. On the résumé, the reader will often equate your value with that of your employer. Describe only the parts of your job that help sell you and showcase your value. Effective Resume Writing

4. How Well Have You Done It? 

That's the Achievement Section. This is where you should put in your most thought and effort. Think about what you did for each employer to make that company better. It could be a big thing or something small. But it should be enough to show value. Effective Resume Writing

Did you have an idea which was implemented and has saved the company money? Were you promoted several times due to your contributions? Were you given positive reviews, and why? 

Were you selected for a key program or training? Bullet these points separately from, and after, your job description. These points show your worth. Effective Resume Writing, Effective Resume Writing, Effective Resume Writing

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