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100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother, 100 ways to be a mother, sons duty towards mother in islam, mother and father in islam
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100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

I contemplated regarding those who were guided by Allah to be dutiful to their mothers, and it became apparent to me that their deeds were, in fact, not difficult, and that the effort they exerted to achieve their mothers' happiness was not strenuous; and, this knowledge of how simple and easy achieving their happiness was gives contentment to the soul. 

I noticed that they possessed three characteristics intelligence, a smiling face and sincerity - which continually supported them in performing their deeds and, as a result of - which, they attained success.

Brothers and sisters:

In this booklet I present my thoughts, and observations of those around me who are dutiful to their mothers in order to motivate people to follow their way. 

Here are 150 ways of dutifulness; if you find them worthy to be implemented, then do not hesitate in this. If not, then at least remember your brother in your supplications.

Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother:

In The Name of Allah, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful

1. Choose an appropriate gift for each occasion and present it in a happy way to oblige her to accept it.

2. Open a bank account in which all of her children share paying a lump sum in order to cover her needs.

3. Understand the different stages of life that your mother is going through, and treat her accordingly.

4. Carefully select the appropriate words to use when talking to her to prevent her from feeling hurt; and, do not utter even one word or expression of disrespect. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

5. Ensure that she is the last one to see you off when you are determined to travel, and show her love and affection to her; and if she is in another country, then at least call her.

6. Likewise, ensure she is the first one you meet when you return from a trip, and you should take into account telling her in advance of your arrival so as not to surprise her.

7. Call her on a daily basis when you are abroad, even if only for a few seconds, since it is a source of happiness for her. Ease her, relax and relieve her concerns and keep her away from being sad.

8. Take care to meet her on a daily basis if she lives in the same town as you, and try not to let the distractions of your daily life take you away from meeting her. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

9. If she does not live in the same country as you, then you must contact her on a daily basis, no matter what. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

10. The best way to get closer to her heart is to endear whom she likes; for example, as her children are the dearest people to her, then be gentle and helpful towards them.

11. Kiss her head and hand when meeting her since it is a great way to make her happy, and it is a wonderful way to show your appreciation to her.

12. Teach your children about the importance of the high status your mother holds, in both word and deed; be a good example for them when you deal with her in order for them to follow in your footsteps.

13. Take care to fulfill her requests and fulfill her requirements at the required time this will bring you closer to her and prevent her from becoming angry.

14. Keeping your promises to her is a must, otherwise do not make promises to her.

15. Attribute any success in your life to Allah, The Almighty, then to her, as it will make her happy and proud of you.

16. Do not argue with her even if you are right; try to use the easiest way to convey your message or your opinion if there is a genuine interest; but if you are merely arguing your point, then give it up.

17. Do not underestimate her opinion before your brothers, sisters or people whether she is present or absent, because it is evil speech the mentioning of which she would hate and it would be an act of disrespect towards her.

18. Do not be disrespectful towards her nor belittle her in any way due to her unawareness of some aspects of life. Rather, you should try to positively correct her without harming her.

19. Avoid laughing loudly, raising your voice when you are with her, looking angrily or miserable in her presence or mentioning what she dislikes.

20. Make her the first one to know about the good news in your life, and reveal your secrets to her because it is a good means to capture her heart and make you very close to her.

21. Take care of her health; if she is old, provide her with the required health equipment such as blood pressure monitors and diabetic equipment. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

22. Make a checkup program on a monthly basis to check on her health.

23. As every age has different requirements, try to provide her with anything she needs accordingly.

24. During her illness share her pain, and when she recovers, show your happiness and put your hand on the place of the pain and recite verses of (ruqyah).

25. In the event that she becomes sick, give her hope that she will become better; and be careful of talking about the possible ill fate of her disease or of a similar condition, or any relevant bad news that may cause harm to her. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

26. In the event that she becomes sick, bring the doctor to her, or take her to the doctor if she is able to go, and explain to the doctor the importance of giving her hope about her case.

27. Support her in keeping ties of kinship and visiting her friends, as this results in making her happy. Keeping ties of kinship is a means of elevating your rank in the sight of Allah. And, do not forget to buy her relatives and friends gifts.

28. Provide her with a special box where you can put some items for children, such as chocolate, toys and gifts, so she can present them to her grandchildren when they visit her.

29. When she goes on a long trip, try to call her every short while to check on her until she reaches her destination.

30. Do not mention your painful or unpleasant incidents to her as it can be a source of sadness for her.

31. Do not engage in marital disputes in front of her because this will disappoint her; so, part of being kind to her is to try to make her oblivious to this nuisance.

32. Neither praise your wife too much in the presence of your mother, nor tell her about your life with your wife or what you always give to your spouse as a gift; try to maintain a balanced relationship between them.

33. Do not reveal detailed information about your relationship with your mother to your wife. Exalt the status of your mother and do not belittle her. Strengthen the relationship between your mother and your wife.

34. Avoid judging between your parents in their arguments. You need not do so, be neutral outwardly, and work on advising and guiding covertly. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

35. Do not criticize her appearance, choices, mood, style or her way of dealing with people; if you become concerned that people would notice, then advise her gently.

36. Maintain a strong relationship with your siblings. And, if there are no disagreements, this should not be in the sight or earshot of your mother as it results in grief and misery for her.

37. Whatever the circumstances of your parent's marital relationship, don't support your father in marrying another wife; however, if you deem it necessary to support him to re-marry, then keep your support for this as a secret. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

38. Teach her about the religion wisely and in a beautiful way of preaching, either by giving her cassettes, CDs or taking her to associate with religious companions, attending religious study seminars, and beneficial religious lectures.

39. You should help her in attending the sessions of dhikr by transporting her to that place and providing her with the schedule pertaining to these sessions. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

40. The best time to be dutiful to your parents is during worship. For example, in pilgrimage be completely subservient to her, be extremely kind to her and enjoy serving her.

41. Apologize to her on behalf of your siblings whenever they do something to upset her, and praise her for the way she brought them up. Anytime something like this happens, try to explain that it is merely the whisperings of the devil.

42. Do not exaggerate the mistakes and faults committed against her by her relatives, friends, or her children, but reduce the effect of these mistakes as this minimizes her pain and it keeps the status of her beloved relatives and friends.

43. Do not tell her about sad news or terrifying catastrophes without preparing her for the bad news in a way to minimize the impact. Also, remind her about the reward of patience.

44. Naturally, women, regardless of their age, love emotional and sentimental words, so do not hesitate to give her the best of what you can in this respect.

45. Do not make her feel that she has grown old or is unable to perform her domestic duties, but inspire her by saying the words that enhance her self-confidence.

46. Do not deprive her of anything loved by women, even if she is old, such as perfumes, cosmetics or evening gowns, and help her to rejuvenate her youth.

47. if your father has more than one wife and they have a disagreement with your mother, don't praise their decision or support their opinion at the expense of hers; avoid being judgmental or talking in this regard.

48. Do not show a lot of appreciation in your mother's presence concerning the way other people raise their children because doing so shows that you dissatisfied about the way she raised you.

49. When she talks, pay full attention and focus your heart and sight on her; smile at her when she tells jokes, and react appropriately in a sad situation.

50. Meet her smiling, joke with her respectfully, caress her gently. Do not be a burden on her, and in difficult situation be serious, concerned and alert.

51. Inform her about any updates surrounding her in this world and narrate to her the best of stories. Tell her what makes her happy because mothers desire conversing with their children.

52. Always praise her for your good upbringing, and be grateful to her for her hard efforts. There is nothing easier than saying thank you.

53. Inform her that you greatly desire for her to live a happy life, and that she is well pleased with you, and that you want to be the source of her happiness.

54. If her parents are alive do not be lazy to support her in being dutiful to them, and if they are dead make more charity and pray for them.

55. Make endowment for her resulting in increasing her rewards in the hereafter such as contributing to build mosques, sponsoring orphans or memorisers of the Qur'an, helping the poor and needy etc.

56. When she mentions any of her wishes or anything she desires, do not wait until she requests it from you but take the initiative and help her achieve her wishes as much as you can.

57. Give her the most priority of anything over your work, and even your children and your wife.

58. Be generous to her in your house, ask her to visit you very frequently and persuade her to sleep in your house - these things all change her life. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

59. Take her with you on a journey with your children, your brother and sisters, and seek the way that penetrates the happiness into her heart as it refreshes her in life.

60. From time to time take her with whom you love to have a meal in a luxurious restaurant, but note that this type of activity will not suit every age group. If she rejects, then try to convince her.

61. Visiting malls or big markets might make her happy; so, why don't you try to have her achieve that.

62. Present her a gift in order for her to give it to your father, which is righteousness to your parents.

63. Being grateful and kind to your father is something that will make her proud of you.

64. Your appreciation of her treatment and management of her house as well as her services to her husband / your father motivates her, raises her spirit and enhances her confidence.

65. Girls are generally closer to mothers than boys, the girl should keep her secrets, and reveal their secrets to her, and try to understand her thoughts and treat her as if she is a friend of theirs.

66. Mothers need males more than girls in difficult conditions; so, they must support her in hardship and be with her. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

67. Be gentle with your sisters, present them gifts and treat them nicely because as it will make your mother happy as any mother loves her daughters to be treated gently.

68. Do not be shy of any action taken by your mother that suits her age and be reasonable to the surroundings, be proud of her, in whatever she does.

69. Teach your children how to be nice with her, kissing her head, and hand; send with them gifts on different occasions. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

70. Hold her hand when she is old, help her to put on her shoes, guide her to her way, walk her to the hospital and to her errands as you are the most responsible for her.

71. Make an award for whoever treats her well from your children, for who comes first in serving her or for who creates a new way to be dutiful. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

72. Naturally, mothers take care of her house, so help her in making her house to be in the best condition, for example by maintaining and following the process of its development periodicall

73. The bedroom has a special place in the heart of the mother, so do your best to present her with appropriate gifts or give her the chance to choose what fits her in this regard as well as for the guestroom. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

74. Be dutiful to her relatives and help her in this respect, try to link between them by helping her visit them, and remind her to call and buy them gifts. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

75. If she fancies a certain hobby, try to dedicate some of your time for her to enjoy it and provide her with what she needs in this regard, and familiarize her with everything new in her world.

76. Occupy her in your hobbies; provide her with a special treatment by writing her a poem if you are a poet; if you are a writer, write her an article or tweet. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

77. In some societies women like to be referred to as "mother of any name of her grandchildren" ex. Mother of Mohammed or Nassere.c.t; but due to the fact that she doesn't want to interfere into her son's business, she usually doesn't want to show that; so, honor her with giving her what she desires.

78. When she and your family go in your car, give her the priority of sitting her first and the on the most comfortable position. When you get in and out, make sure that she is before you unless the matter requires that. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

79. Don't speak rudely, roughly or in a way that does not compliment her high status. Use the most beautiful words with her. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

80. Make a contest between children on who presents the best gift to their mother, which enhances her status in their hearts and motivate them to perform good deeds.

81. You should try constantly to seek the accepted supplications time such as the last third of night, Friday and during prostration, then pray for her.

82. Inform your mother about how the guests are happy about what she offered them in the banquets or any kind of invitation, because it refreshes her. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

83. The time dedicated to her should be enough and no matter what you should spend it with her without any interruption on account of phone calls, reading newspaper or magazines.

84. Girls should get the mother to know their friend and should not be embarrassed from her or tell her not to do a certain action under in any form. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

85. Be proud of her at any place and time, and she must be your first priority.

86. Narrate some of the stories of righteousness and send her some clips on this subject; which enjoys them. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

87. Ask her to pray for you that God helps you to be dutiful to her, which proves to her your interest to be so. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

88. Ask her always to be satisfied with you as it indicates its importance for you.

89. Always take the initiative and act before everybody in being dutiful. Always create new ways of dutifulness, that result in rewarding you and you will have the same reward for those who implement this without deducting their reward.

90. Don't raise your voice in her presence; be humble and lenient when requesting or serving her and the best words while serving her. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

91. If you live in the same town where your mother lives, try to live near her as much as you can as it helps keeping ties of kinship solid and it simplify the way for you to act piously.

92. If you work in another city, take into account visiting her at any opportunity, and don't be late since she has patience waiting for you and she will not complain when she needs to be patient with his affairs...100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

93. It is not enough to visit her alone but you should take your family with you. Your wife and children until an appropriate relationship for her is formed between her and your family.

94. Avoid your ego and your desires, give the preference of your mother over yourself, and request her to accept that; as fulfilling her desire is part of the perfection of dutifulne

95. Sit with yourself and review your deeds; how good your performance was towards your mother? Whether you were satisfactory or not or still needing more to reach her satisfaction.

96. Be sure that whatever you did to your parents, it will return back to you; if you are dutiful, your children will be so, and if it is the other way around, you will experience the same. So, work on achieving their satisfaction, then you will be happy in this life and in the hereafter.

97. In the event that she is sick, attend to her and bring who you want to serve her.

98. Do not neglect praising her taste in the presence of all, in terms of buying clothes, or her appearance etc..

99. Narrate to her your actions of your journeys, during which you can show her the pictures of you and your friends; all that will result in her praying for you, which is the higher purpose.

100. Receive her concerns in a welcoming manner, and accept her remarks and execute her instructions humbly. 100 Ways To Be Dutiful To Your Mother

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