The Glorious Qur'an : Kitab Al-Aqaid Author Sadrul Afazil Shaykh Sayyid Nayimuddin Muradabadi

The Glorious Qur'an

The Qur'an is the Word of Allah, which He has revealed for the guidance of His slaves (humans and jinn). This Book contains the knowledge of everything and it is a book unlike any other. Nobody can compose a book similar to it. Even if all the people of the world join together (22) and cooperate, they will never be able to make a book like the Qur'an.

Allah ﷻ has revealed this Book to His most beloved Prophet, our Master, Muhammad Mustafa ﷺ (23), similar to other books revealed to other prophets عليهم السلام, such as: Tawrah (24) to Sayyiduna Musa عليهم السلام, Zabur (25) to Sayyiduna Dawud عليهم السلام, Injil (26) to Sayyiduna Yisa عليهم السلام.

All those books contain the truth. We bear faith in all those books (that they were revealed by Allah and were His Divine Speech). However, evil and mischievous people in previous communities altered those books and they are no longer in the original form in which they were revealed.

The Glorious Qur'an is protected by Allah Himself. Therefore, it is in the same state as it was revealed in; and will remain unchanged forever. Even if the whole world unites to alter it, they will not be able to remove or add a single letter to the Qur'an.

Questions III: The Qur'an

1. Is there any heavenly book present in this world? 
Answer: Yes, indeed [a Divine Book is present on the earth].

2. What do you mean by a 'heavenly' book? 
Answer: The Word of Allah (i.e. Book containing the Word of Allah).

3. Which book is it?
Answer: The Glorious Qur'an.

4. What is written in it?
Answer: It contains all kinds of knowledge.

5. Why was the Book revealed? 
Answer: This book was revealed for the guidance of the slaves of Allah, so that they can know about Allah and His Messengers, and so that they do things that earn the pleasure of the Almighty.

6. The Qur'an was given to which prophet? 
Answer: Prophet Muhammad Mustafa ﷺ.

7. When was it revealed?
Answer: Approximately 1450 years ago [as in 2020 CE] (27).

8. Did Allah send down any book other than the Noble Quran?
Answer: Yes. [Many books were sent down by Allah prior to the Qur'an]

9. What are those books?
Answer: We do not know the names of ALL the books; however, some are very famous and their names are: Tawrah, Injil and Zabur.

10. Is it possible to find the pristine, correct, and unaltered version of the Tawrah or Injil or Zabur?
Answer: Certainly not.

11. Why is that so?
Answer: The Christians and the Jews made changes by their own volition - they either added things that were originally not there, or removed things that were present in the originals.

12. Is it possible to find a copy of the Qur'an which is unaltered?
Answer: Certainly. The copy of the Qur'an found everywhere is the same one that was revealed and remains unaltered to this day.

13. Is the Qur'an unaltered and untampered? 
Answer: Yes. The Qur'an cannot be altered. Not even a single letter can be changed [removed from or added into] this Book.

14. Why is that so?
Answer: This is because, Allah ﷻ is its Protector.

15. Where can you find the Noble Qur'an? 
Answer: The Qur'an is found everywhere - in every city, town, village and in the homes of all Muslims worldwide. Everyone, including small children, memorise the Qur'an "

16. How do you know that it is the Book of Allah, the Word of God Almighty? 
Answer: Just as no one can create things like Allah does, so also, nobody can bring a book like the Qur'an. Thus, we learn that the Qur'an is the Word of Allah - because if it were the work of a human, someone else would have composed a similar book.

17. Do the Hindus have any Divine Book given by Allah? 
Answer: No.

18. What are the Vedas?
Answer: Vedas are poems composed by ancient [Indian] poets (29).

(22) And pool their talents, knowledge, and efforts.

(23) Mustafa: The Chosen One.

(24) Known as the Old Testament or the Torah in Judeo-Christian terminology. 

(25) Known as the Psalms in Judeo-Christian terminology.

(26) Known as the New Testament in Judeo-Christian terminology.

(27) In the original Urdu, it is mentioned as 1300 years, according to the time when the book was compiled. Also, this is a general summation based on the year of migration (hijrah). The first verse was revealed approximately 1455 [lunar] years ago in Makkah [13 BH/609 CE] and the last verse was revealed approximately 1431 [lunar] years ago [i.e. 11 AH/ 632 CE] in Madinah as of in 1442 AH.

(28) Some Muslims memorize the whole book and are called as Hafiz. The Memorizers. Every Muslim though is taught to memorize some chapters of the Qur'an. 

(29) The Hindus consider them as sacred scriptures.

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