The Creator of the Universe : Kitab Al-Aqaid Author Sadrul Afazil Shaykh Sayyid Nayimuddin Muradabadi


The Creator of the Universe

Everything in this world is subject to change and everything will cease to exist at some point in time. Everything was created [after having not existed previously) and therefore, there is certainly someone who creates and annihilates these things.

There is an absolute Creator and Annihilator of everything and His name is Allah سبحانه وتعالى.

He has existed always and will exist forever. He has created everything in the universe - the heavens, the earth, the moon, the stars, humans, animals, and everything that exists. He gives sustenance to everything. Everyone and everything depend upon Him ﷻ.

He is the one who gives sustenance; it is only He who gives life and death [to everyone]. He is the absolute Owner and Lord of everyone - no one can defy His Command. He is Perfect in every way and He is free from every defect, flaw, or fault. He knows everything, whether manifest or hidden - nothing is concealed from His absolute Knowledge. Just as Allah ﷻ has existed from eternity, so also do His Attributes exist from eternity [without a beginning]. Everything in this world [that exists] is created. All of us are His slaves. He is far more Benevolent towards us than our own parents; He is Merciful, forgives sins and accepts repentance. His authority is absolute, His hold is supreme and powerful-none can escape His grasp or can be released from it, except by His own Will.

Honour and disgrace are in His Power. He gives honour and disgrace to whomsoever He pleases - He can make whomsoever He wishes, wealthy or poor. Whatever He does is full of Divine Wisdom and is absolutely just. He will grant Paradise to Muslims and punish disbelievers by sending them to Hell. All His actions are full of wisdom irrespective of whether His creation can comprehend it or not. His favours and bounties upon us all are countless and infinite. He alone is worthy of worship and none other than Him can be worshipped. Allah ﷻ is Ever-Living, All Powerful, All-Hearing, All-Seeing, He Who Speaks; He is All-Knowing, and He is the One with an Absolutely Independent Will. He is not the father, nor the son of anyone; He does not have a wife or a relative. He is free from such attributes.

It is He who created everything (1)
Allah, my Absolute Master

Greatest of all, He is the Supreme 
Allah, my Absolute Master

Creator of the universe, Owner of all 
He alone is Eternal, Ever-Living; all else will perish

The Real Master, the Real Lord Almighty 
Allah, my Absolute Master

Giver of Provision, Master, Sustainer
Allah, my Absolute Master

We are humble slaves of Allah 
He alone gives life and death

Perfect He is; unlike anyone, anything 
Allah, my Absolute Master

First and Last, Unseen but Ever-Present 
He Sees Everything, He Knows Everything

Knower; has Absolute knowledge of everything 
Allah, my Absolute Master

Glory be to Him, Wise is He
Giver of bounty, Merciful is He

My beloved, My Master 
Allah, my Absolute Master

Prostration (sajdah] is only due to Him (2) 
Worship Him alone, He is the Only God

Allah Allah Allah Allah 
Allah, my Absolute Master

Questions I: The Creator

1. Has the world, this universe, always existed? (3)
Answer: No; certainly not.

2. Will the universe exist forever?
Answer: No. Because everything lasts only until a time. It has not existed always and when its time is complete, it will perish.

3. Who creates and destroys things in this world? 
Answer: Allah ﷻ, the Most Exalted is the real Creator and Destroyer.

4. When was He born and how long will He exist? 
Answer: He was not 'born' and will never cease to exist. Only that thing which has not existed hitherto can be 'born'. Allah ﷻ has always existed, without a beginning - and will continue to exist forever without an end. He alone creates everything and He was not created by anyone. He exists by Himself. He alone annihilates everything and He cannot be destroyed by anyone or anything.

5. Did Allah ﷻ create the entire world all by Himself or does He have any partner in doing this?
Answer: He has no partner. Everyone is His slave and everything is created by Him. He has created everyone and everything. All that is in this world (and beyond] and all that exists in it was created by Allah ﷻ.

His Power is immense and all-encompassing - even the smallest particle cannot move without His Permission and Command


(1) It is He who gives sustenance to all Everything we receive is from His Bounty

(2) Prostration or bowing down is of two kinds:

 a) Tażimi: Bowing down in respect or as a greeting: This was permitted in the past for some communities but it is not allowed in our shariah.

 b) Ibadah: Bowing down as a form of worship. It is disbelief and outright idolatry to bow down in worship to anyone in the creation; this has never been permitted, not even among previous notions.

(3) Has the world existed forever, eternally without a beginning? The answer is no.

(4) While others can be means and agents of annihilation, the real annihilator is Allah.

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