JAMIA (Jamia Ahmadia Sunnia Alia Kamil Madrasah), The Light House of Islamic Knowledge - Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

JAMIA The Light House of Islamic Knowledge - Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

JAMIA (Jamia Ahmadia Sunnia Alia Kamil Madrasah), The Light House of Islamic Knowledge

Huzur Kebla Kutobul Awlia Syed Ahmad Shah Sirikoti (Rahmatullahi Alaih) established Jamia in 1954 to spread true Islamic knowledge in Bangladesh. Jamia is an Arabic word; it means university.

Now it is really a university. It is a paradise for knowledge seekers. In this regard, the name Jamia has been appropriate. Huzur Kebla was a great preacher of Islam. His mission was to preach the real message of Islam. So, he established Jamia, the philosophy of A'la Hazrat (Rahmatullahi Alaih) to make followers of Islam and spread the philosophy of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat.

Now you can see the results are very significant for most of the Alem E-deen of Bangladesh. Those who follow the path of Ahle Sunnat are the students of Jamia. Now it has become the true centre of Sunniat. Every year, thousands of Alem E-deen come out of Jamia, and they contribute to our society in various ways. After their education, they become khatibs, imams, teachers, administrators, etc. Huzur Kebla said: "One Jamia is enough for Asia." That means Jamia will guide the nation when they need it.

Jamia is a touch stone. Through its coming, people become true followers of Islam. It combines Shariat and Tarikat together. We are really proud of being a part of this prestigious institution. Its contribution is immense towards the growth of a morally civilized nation. It is a big challenge for us to make a civilized nation. Jamia plays a vital role in making a moral and ethical civilized nation.

Based on Sunni ideology, since its inception 65 years ago, Jamia has started its journey and is continuing its rapid progress towards its noble objectives with firm steps. Through many different decades, Jamia has now reached its towering position, spreading its fragrance of outstanding success nationally and globally. Now it is regarded as the topmost spiritual centre of Sunniat.

I do hope the students of Jamia will find Jamia the best place to fulfill their long-cherished dream of being an ideal institution of higher education.

We are grateful to our Hazrat E-Keram for providing us with the opportunity to render gracious and loyal services to Jamia and get their blessings to perform our duty.

Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman, 
English professor,
Jamia Ahmadia Sunnia Alia (Kamil) Madrasah. Chattogram

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